Chase Fireflies

Five Reasons Why I Won’t Read My Own Blog


1. It’s wordy.
2. It’s melodramatic.
3. It’s glum.
4. It meanders.
5. It’s one-sided.

I’m not really sure why you’ve chosen to read this blog up till now, except that you’re awesome and kind. Thank you for that, really. It means a lot to me that you care.

I started blogging because writing is cathartic to me, like a tall Starbucks on a bad day. Putting my writing online held me accountable to something deep within me. I liked that.

But recently, I read over old posts. What I found made me so sad. It’s for sure my heart, but only on a day where I’m stuck in the house without air. And I live for the windows open.

Do you know that I perform flying leaps into my bed at night? (They’re spectacular.)

Or that I like to break it down?

Have I told you about running on the Great Wall of China? Or snorkeling in coral reefs? And the time that we explored North Korean underground tunnels (Guns pointed our way, but no worries.)

Did I mention that God rescued me from crazy fears? And is still rescuing?


Most of all, I neglected you very nice reader of mine. So, keep posted, if any of you are still left.

Some changes are a brewing.
The windows are opening.
I’m ready to chase this life with friends.
And I sure hope you’ll come along.

7 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why I Won’t Read My Own Blog

  1. I'm still here and I love following your blog :)Michele

  2. i'm totally with michele. =)~me

  3. Always enjoyed your blog…and will continue to, I'm sure.

  4. awww. you guys are too kind and forgiving. thanks:)

  5. I am also still here and learn so much from you my friend. I will continue to follow and continue to pray that God uses you in such beautiful ways.

  6. "wordy, melodramatic, glum, meanders, and one-sided"are you talking about your blog? or my music?either way, i'm way too embarrassed to admit I sing along with both in the car by myself.

  7. your music, rocks, anonymous. just for the record. listening to it right now on the ipod, as a matter of fact. it's fitting the current mood quite nicely:)

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