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Sometimes I Forget Sugar


Made some incredible Pumpkin Scones for a breakfast with some friends tomorrow. Yum. Haven’t cooked them yet, but they’re hanging out in the fridge. They sure better turn out because their counterpart failed me.

The Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread had the illusion of perfect and easy. But alas, I left out sugar from Loaf Number One. (I’ll blame it on the children, who were fighting fires in their bathing suits.)

With Loaf Number Two – nothing was left out, but I left the lad in. In the oven indefinitely whilst reading Horace and Morris, but Mostly Dolores will fail you every time.

Oh well. Banking on the Scones.

Megan, thanks for getting me cooking again, beyond the old standbys. Now for following directions.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Forget Sugar

  1. you make me smile. big.

  2. awww… love you angie. and miss you tons.

  3. haha this post made me laugh. I'm so glad you are trying my recipes! πŸ™‚ You have no idea how many times I have burned things/messed them up in some way. Mike could tell you because I get inordinately upset every time. Good luck with the scones – let me know if you like them! Even if they turn out terrible, the icing will more than make up for it πŸ™‚

  4. glad to know that you make mistakes too. i thought you were always perfect:)btw, the scones were incredible! i loved them! so so so yummy. thanks again for th recipe.see you @ thanksgiving!

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