Chase Fireflies

A Little RI


Adden reading the Journal with Uncle Dan – our favorite Violet evening pastime.
A little Pawsox Game sibling love – baseball is in their blood!
The Children’s Museum with Mimi and Papa.
Crescent Park Carousel – Even better now than when I was five.
Rides now are 75 cents. Been around since 1895.
My 89 year old Boppie – a history text come to life. So grateful for this guy and his heart.
Behold – the Princess Castle.
My favorite place in the world. All that’s missing here is Paul.
Crashing into the waves. Covered with sand and loving it.
Collecting seashells. Warm sun. We heart the beach.

Fantastic trip minus the drive:)

So thankful for my jammin family, friends, home, God, creation.
Love love love this place.

2 thoughts on “A Little RI

  1. looks like fun!what great photos.say hi to the kids for us. 🙂

  2. Those Picturea are so cute!!!

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