Chase Fireflies

Pink Valentine’s Day Yummy


One scoop of vanilla ice cream + strawberry soda

Selah was beside herself with this pink concoction at our tea party today. I love that sweet little giggle of hers; those wide blue eyes brimming with anticipation; the delicate way she held her teacup up to her mouth for the smallest of sips; the prancing around the house in her pink tutu.

Her momma needed a good lesson today: to learn how to delight in the simplest of all pleasures.

Thank you for teaching me, sweetheart. I love you like crazy cakes:)

3 thoughts on “Pink Valentine’s Day Yummy

  1. I’m horrified. LOL

  2. You need to check out the cute blog designer!!!! Scrapbook your blog!!

  3. Where did you find strawberry pop (soda)? What a great idea!

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