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The Perfect Guy


One of our small groups recently compiled this list of traits. It cracked me up so much I had to post it:).

1. True Christian
2. Not a jerk face
3. Good with kids
4. Good sense of humor
5. Good morals
6. Mature
7. Treats family well
8. Treats friends well
9. Good work ethic

1. Hot
2. Confident but not conceited
3. Basketball player
4. Likes Mexican people
5. Drummer or guitarist
6. Loves animals

1. Writer
2. Surfer
3. Six pack
4. Taller then you

Funny thing is, Paul meets 99% of the requirements, though I have yet to see him on a surfboard. Love you, hon:)

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Guy

  1. ha! I saw this when Heather posted it on FB. Seriously, how many people in/from western PA are going to be surfers? LOL

  2. lol. :DAnd let me say that I’m totally glad Paul likes Mexican people…though I’m not sure what that has to do with being a perfect guy. haha.

  3. please, at least tell me that 99% is rounding up

  4. “4. Likes Mexican people”hey! republicans can be good guys too.

  5. I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED!!! Priceless. Extremely priceless. I miss those girls!

  6. ya’ll make me laugh just as much as THE LIST. thanks:)

  7. ya’ll talk like you went to college in the florida panhandle, kristin.

  8. Kristin-Thank you for remedying Heather’s terrible spelling abilities, haha. That was bugging me for so long that she’d spelled “conceited” wrong… Yes, i am OCD. Haha :PLove you,Cheyenne (:p.s.: Heather’s small group rockkks : D

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