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Gratitude in Pain and Joy

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This cat is one of my favorite authors. Here’s an excerpt from a piece Winn Collier wrote for Everyday Women – even though – as he states – “he is not, in fact, an everyday woman.”

Sometimes – surely – Scripture doesn’t mean exactly what it says. Ephesians places one of those difficult phrases in front of us: “always giving thanks to God the Father for everything…” (5:20). Everything? Really? Am I to give thanks for the divorce that rips apart a family? A disease that shreds a body? Does God actually desire me to be grateful for the evils of slavery and genocide?

Read more here.

Happy, almost belated, Thanksgiving.

Much love,

One thought on “Gratitude in Pain and Joy

  1. Thanks for the THANKSgiving reminder :)I especially liked this quote:As writer Sister Alma Rose said, “[w]hen you can be grateful for breathing, then everything else – sunlight, shelter, warmth, coffee, leftover pizza – feels like abundance.”Emphasis on the word COFFEE for you! 😉

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