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7 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

  1. We make batches and batches of Party Mix and we eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes! It’s a great memory of my dad…he used to always make it and I’m the only one that has taken over this tradition in our family! My kids know that the day of Thanksgiving we can go shopping for Chex Mix! Maybe there’s a reason I gain weight during the holidays!

  2. It’s painful to even see a still image of the Nutcracker. I’d like to get my hands on the person who wrote/develloped/choreographed, (or whatever you call the person who comes up w/ a ballet), it. I’m already looking forward to the various x-mas animations, and hoping they come out on blu ray this December.

  3. Christopher and I go to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra, but alas we could not get tickets this year. We held out for better seats and it sold out.

  4. as a kid we went to the nutcraker a lot. My cousins were in it in boston and I thought that was fantastic! I can’t wait to take brooklyn, probably next year. We go to the Denver Parade of Lights and then come home and have hot chocolate no matter how late. We do a Jesse Tree with the kids and now and Advent wreath at our house. We do some additional present for the kids we support and involve our kids in the buying process. We make a tradition of boarding a plane and hauling two little people on a 4+ hour journey to family. 🙂 We do a cookie bake and bring cookies to all of our neighbors. We invite everyone we know that doesn’t have a place to go for thanksgiving to come to our place (which sadly for us is becoming a smaller crowd, good for our friends though) We celebrate as much as possible… all the time.

  5. oh I love the nutcracker. That was a tradition for us when I was in High School and miss going. I can’t wait till Hailey can sit through it:) I like to bake cookies, with the kids help of course, and I make my buckeyes and other chocolates. On Christmas Eve we have a party at my MIL house use to be at my grandpa’s house and I always make my grandma’s punch. Just wouldn’t be Christmas without her punch. I also do an advent calendar with the kids. They love when its their turn to open up the door.

  6. awww… thanks everyone. what great ideas. kristin, what a sweet way to remember your dad. i’m so glad you’ve continued that for your favorite memories of christmas were also of the nutcracker with my mom (all dressed up!) and a day with just my dad. we would take a day out of work and school and do all sorts of christmasy things:) seems like the best memories are really just simple ones of time spent together. (michele – you’ll have to replace trans-siberian with something else just as cool:)!i love the way courtney said they celebrate as much as possible… all the time. that really defines my dear friend!so celebrate and anticipate and spend time together and love. love much, much, much!thanks again, everyone!

  7. “we would take a day out of work and school and do all sorts of christmasy things:)”for future reference: in pennsylvania, we call this truancy

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