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Joy and Resolve

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My Dad lost his job last week. He was hoping to bank in one and a half more years for a retirement package. Nope. He’ll get a small severance, but nothing like he would’ve had. He’ll soon be a part of Rhode Island’s 10% unemployment rate.

Paul and I splurged Friday on a dinner out. We strolled right on in, along with a party of thirteen, and were surrounded by empty tables. Normally, this place would’ve had a 90 min wait. Our waitress said that the economy is crushing them.

Our nation’s financial plunge is pretty scary. Yet despite the recession, Compassion International’s giving is up. More children are being sponsored now than ever.


Paul stumbled on these quotes the other day from Francis Chan.

“In this universe, there is God, there are people, and there are things. We should worship God, love people, and use things. But if we start worshiping ourselves, we will ignore God, start loving things, and using people. This is a formula for a miserable life, but it characterizes many people today.”

Okay, frankly, this often characterizes me. But I think I’m finally starting to get it. Well, maybe just a little. And based on Compassion’s financial reports, I would say that I’m not the only one.

Is our economy causing us to get priorities back in order again? God, people, things? In Deuteronomy 10:21, it says, “He is your praise; he is your God.” Our praise who becomes our love who becomes our life, lived out in the small things…

With Christmas music already cranking in the retail stores, I’m so hoping we’ll approach the birthday of a King with great joy and great resolve. Joy to celebrate. Resolve to worship just One.

And as we worship, may we love others with the treasures we have received. Whether that be our own tikes or that waitress who is pulling a double or those Compassion children still waiting for a sponsor.

May the world see that He is our praise. He is our God. Yep, even in a financial meltdown.

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  1. Great post!!

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