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Canka Sores and Locked Doors


Anyone ever had a canker sore crater on their tongue?

Gosh, they’re miserable. Apparently, God would prefer me to be silent since I am plagued with these enormous potent suckers constantly. There’s probably something to be said for that.

Anyway, my story isn’t about cankers. It’s actually about our trip to CVS.

The other morning, I throw the kids in the car and mad dash right up the road to find some relief for the current few cankas (as we like to call them in New England.)

I throw 20 dollars in my pocket, leave my purse in the front seat, hitch Adden onto my hip, and hold Selah’s hand as she jumps out of the van-like car we own. Oh yeah, and I locked it. Made sure to lock it.

I walk in, consult the pharmacists, grab some Maalox and Benadryl to concoct some sort of sweet numbing agent, meander down the aisles looking for 75% off candy for my sweetheart, hoist the kids up for drinks from the bubbla, and eventually make it to the counter to pay for my goods. We speak to the people in line, make small talk with the clerk, and head out the door about a half hour later.

To my utter horror, I walk out to see my van-like car door wide open. Oh yeah, wide open, for a half hour. My purse is still hanging out in the front seat, by some act of God. Maybe it’s still there cause I made sure to lock the car? I never forget to lock the car, though occasionally I forget to close the door.

Gosh, does anyone else do these kinds of things?

Just about the only thing that consoles me is that I remembered the children. Yay for that.

I repeat, does anyone else do these kinds of things? Please tell me I’m not the only one..

6 thoughts on “Canka Sores and Locked Doors

  1. I haven’t done this exact thing, but all to often something similar. I really think I only have half a brain.

  2. Don’t worry! You’re not the only one…I think having kids alters your brain structure in some way so that things like this happen to keep us humble. lol. I’ve done lots of silly things like lock myself out of my own house when we were just going across the street to the neighbors’ house. It’s easy to forget “little” but important things.

  3. You are not alone, as I am sure you are figuring out. I have been known to do things like that. The silliest I have felt is standing in front of my classroom door with my keys to unlock and being so frustrated because the door would unlock until I realized moments later it was because the remote for the car doors does not work on a classroom door. Yeah, duhhh!

  4. I have yet to do this, but my husband does it constantly! No worries, every piece of garbage is always accounted for when we return to the van.Michelle S.

  5. haha. thanks guys. glad i’m not the only one:) ya’ll made me laugh!

  6. never thought i’d hear a red sox fan say “ya’ll”

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