Chase Fireflies

Facing Fear

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(Notes from Stacy Gallagher)

Fear can be motivational or crippling. People respond to fears by tackling them or cowering down under them.

Anger is always a shield emotion for fear. So to resolve the anger, you have to identify the fear.

Night terrors (in children) can be attributed to spiritual warfare. The head of the home needs to be vigilant in praying for his children in order for them to be resolved.

Children’s fears need to be honored, not minimized or maximized. If fears are not dealt with early, they will develop into life-crippling phobias.

Men’s fears are often performance driven. (Fear of failure) Women’s fears are often relational. (We’re afraid we’re too much and not enough all at the same time.)

Transference of fears is probable if we don’t address the fears in our own lives. Kids easily absorb the fears of their parents.

Fear entered into our world because of a lie. (Genesis 3:10) Most fears are founded on lies…. The ultimate message of fear is that God cannot be trusted.

Our Creator knew that we would be a people who are often afraid. He left us with 365 references on fear.

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