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Ever Since I Have Known You…


What are you known for?

I’ve been diving into Deuteronomy lately for whatever reason. And Moses had some scathing things to say about the Israelites. To the tune of, “You have been rebellious against the Lord ever since I have known you.” (9:24)

They were known for their rebellion.

It was how they were perceived, what they were characterized by, and where they achieved their identity.

For them, rebellion was born out of fear and unbelief. Small origins fueled a misplaced identity which in turn ruined a people.

They were known for their rebellion.

What are you known for?

2 thoughts on “Ever Since I Have Known You…

  1. this question has nagged me today. thanks a lot. the honest answers would come from those who interact with me every day. And I’m not sure if they are brave enough to be honest with me. Which leads me to some of my guesses at what I am known for:stubbornnessout spokennesspassionimpatience mostly my weaknesses, b/c honestly it’s hardest to keep those in check. now, i suppose, i should DO something about this… you challenge me. thanks. (i think)

  2. you know, the question haunted me also. and i agree, it’s those who are around us constantly who would most accurately know. thanks for being so honest, court. it’s just one of the many things i love about you. if i were to take a stab at what i would be known for (by those who know me best), i would guess:stubborn independenceprone to distraction and busyness (so much so that I am not being fully present)control and inflexibilityand maybe compassion on a good day, maybe. i’ve got a fair amount of restructuring of my own. i’d be lost without grace.much love.

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