Chase Fireflies

Dream With Me.


I am a dreamer. Always have been, always will be.

I dream of peace and hope and laughter and freedom and rescues and sacrificial love.

I dream of growing old with Paul and holding each other up in our frailties. I dream of Selah reflecting the goodness of God and holding out hope to those who have pandered it away. I dream of Adden referring to his Creator as ADONAI and living to serve Him. I dream of stepping foot on foreign soil again to love people to Jesus. And I dream of loving Him today where He has placed me for this now.

I am a dreamer. And I think I’m not alone. In fact, I know I’m not.

So dream with me. And tell me your dreams. Dream big and dream wide and dream unimaginable impossibilities because we have a God whose love cannot be contained. With eternity set in our hearts (Ecc. 3:11), it is innate in our being to crave something greater than ourselves.

What are you dreaming about today?

5 thoughts on “Dream With Me.

  1. kids free from disease. clean water in every town, village, city. well adjusted children (mine and not mine) growing up and working to improve the lives of others.brooklyn and sam worshipping God from their own heart. healing. healing. healing. a world in which I can eat all the desserts I want and not gain a pound. 🙂

  2. I am not a dreamer… well, when I was younger I did dream about being a wife and mommy. So I guess my dreams have come true! :)I do dream that my children would love and serve God their whole lives. I dream for more children.I dream and long for heaven to be reunited with my son Christian… but not just yet. Not until my oldest has given his life to Jesus Christ. Then Lord come quickly!

  3. court- ahh…you’re amazing:) i love your heart. and your passions. you inspire me. marsha- i will continue to pray for your family. my heart breaks for you. much,much love and peace.

  4. I just found your blog the other night, from someone who left a comment on Lisa Whittle’s blog (… and she linked to a blog who linked to you…anyway, I found your blog, and love your writing. Dreams?Well, as God has been healing me, I have been starting to dream about reaching out to others and showing how God can heal them. I don’t know how or what this will look like, but God does.I dream of reaching out to women in my church…I dream of seeing healing in the lives and hearts and homes of women all over the place… through the stories of me and other women who have gone through pain and hurt and woundings, and still love God on the other side of it, knowing that He is the only one who could have done the healing…I dream of using the gifts God has given me, even if they scare me to death…I dream of my kids coming to Christ, and living sold out lives for Him…I dream of them being able to avoid some of the pitfalls I hit, but that if they do, they will turn to God and receive His healing… and turn back to Him cling tighter than ever before…Like Courtney said,healing.healing.healing.God bless,Heather

    • i just found this comment, almost 3 years out. it is beautiful. thank you for dreaming.

      i pray that your dreams have been coming and still will come true.

      healing with you,

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