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Okay Sounds Phenomenal


Yesterday I received phenomenal news. Benign.

At a routine dermatologist appointment two weeks ago, my doctor removed two moles. Not a big deal in the least, since I’ve had countless of these biopsies. But never to this degree of immediacy. (Usually I make an appointment for 2-4 weeks later.) I had never heard my doctor say, “These need taken off now.”

Of course, I balked initially, and attempted to use the, “But I just had major surgery excuse,” even though I really wasn’t in tremendous pain at the time. To which she responded, “They need taken off now.”

So I got a few shots (in the leg and in the head.) And they didn’t hurt in the least. I was especially squeamish of the shots to the head. So much so, that after she completed the procedure, I told her that it felt awesome and I was giddy with the negative pain element.

We waited 13 long days to get these results back. They were supposed to take 7 days, but they saw abnormal cell activity, so we had to wait longer.

The amazing news was that the abnormal activity was not melanoma this time. Both were still considered benign. And they’ll just keep an eye out for the abnormality on my head. (Which is rather amusing. I suppose there are lots of abnormalities in my head:)

Anyhow, I got the results over grilled cheese star shaped sandwiches, circle tomato shapes, and square apple chunks. (It’s shape week here at the Charles’ home thanks to MOPS:) My kids were thrilled with their shape lunch (well, just Selah.) And I was thrilled that Mommy was going to be okay. Selah and Adden can’t comprehend that yet.

But I can.

Okay sounds phenomenal to me.

3 thoughts on “Okay Sounds Phenomenal

  1. oh, i am so glad to hear the great news. I have been praying for you. My mom also has stage two melanoma so we go through this a couple of times a year with her. You are going through a lot and have such a wonderful attitude. Love ya, Brandy 🙂

  2. What fantastic news! It was great seeing you at MOPS last week…you looked so great! Hope you can find some time to just rest and relax this weekend! Love, Kristin

  3. So glad to hear the news! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and getting back to normal a bit.

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