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Three Year Old Princess Party

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Waking up to Three Years Old!
A Pink Breakfast with Mimi and Papa

A Princess Lunch with Grandma, Grandpap, Daddy, Aunt Ashley, and Kayden

Blowing Out the Candles at the Party

Snow White and the Princesses

Waking up to a room of pink balloons (thank you, Court!)…

A sleepover with Mimi and Papa…

Celebrating with family and ice cream sundaes and princess crowns…

Princess party with Snow White… (thanks to Sarah!)

Sifting through sand for “jewels” (loved the history of this game from late 1800’s in Newport)…

Dressing up in gowns with all her friends…

Great looking princess cake (not so great taste)…

All in all, quite the princessy celebration for a girl we said would never wear pink. At least her only birthday request was a Steelers jersey? (Um, a pink one.) Even Paul wore pink in her honor. Now that’s a dad head over heels for his little girl.

One thought on “Three Year Old Princess Party

  1. Looks like a great party! I”m sure that was so much fun for her. The cake looked cute…sorry it didn’t taste good though.

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