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Our Beautiful

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Dear Selah,

You’re three today! Is it true? Just tonight you asked me why a watch always runs. “Why doesn’t time ever stop Mom, Mom? It just keeps going around and around and around.”

What a funny question to ask your Momma today! Time just keeps playing chase with us, like in our backyard. Somehow, mommy can never seem to catch you. I run and run and you giggle and giggle but you’re just too speedy. And mommy never was a fast one, about anything!

Well let’s pretend… you certainly adore that these days. You are Cinderella. You are a doctor (lovin’ those bandaids!) You are a mommy to babies who don’t have mommies. You are a gymnast.

Let’s pretend that we could freeze our watches at two. If time stopped, here is what you would see. Here is what mommy and daddy see every day you slumber out of that big girl’s bed of yours.

We see a little girl with brilliant sensitivity and compassion. You want to know how the boy broke his arm and if he’ll be okay. You want to know why you have lots of toys, babies, and clothes and some kids have none. You want to know why the guy in the Bible story comes through the roof (via his friends.) And then you ask if you can do that too. (Don’t let your brother convince you to try it!)

And then there’s the sharing and giving. You get that completely from your Dad. If you’re given three bracelets, you want to give one and maybe two away. If we’re out shopping at the thrift store, you want to buy all of the clothes for the kids who don’t have any. I love that about you, as I love it about Daddy.

Even the Starbucks lady says that you have a knowing way about you. “When she looks at me, I see love in her eyes. Like she knows more than a two year old should.” (We won’t discuss how much we see of Miss Deedee, okay? It’s bad enough that you plead with daddy to stop for “mommy’s coffee” every time we go home… as if it’s a routine we have:)

“Knowing more than a two (now three!) year old should” may come from asking all those crazy questions….Do spiders have bums? Did me have a seatbelt on when me in your belly mommy? (No.) Well, then did me fall out? Oh no! Did you stretch Adden to make him bigger? How he not a little baby anymore? What that lady’s name is? May you always ask questions, always, always, always. Never stop learning and reading and knowing people’s names and seeking, ever.

Last of all (for now), there’s your fun. You beg for mommy to put your window down in the car. And then you laugh with the wind in your face and sing your heart out. A sweet medley of “I May Never…” and “This Old Man, He played one…”, “It’s raining, it’s pouring,”, and Jesus Loves Me. You adore our runs to the park and jumping through the dandelions and spinning around till you fall down. You like scaling climbing walls and dancing and dressing up and meeting new friends. And you love laughing with (or at) your brother, even though he makes you crazy sometimes. There’s nothing better than hearing you two giggle. (Unless it’s in the toilet bowl.)

When time stopped at two, you wanted to be just like mommy. You wear my flip flops, say you’ll run fast someday, and cook like me (not sure if that’s beneficial for you or not!) And it’s funny, cause I see myself in you – my own strengths and weaknesses, all over again. It is my prayer that your strengths will make you humble and that your weaknesses will make you strong. And that ever and always, you’ll seek the One who came to bring you life beautiful.

Life beautiful. I like that. That’s you. And that’s us, because of you.

Happy three, Sweet Pea.


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  1. happy birthday !!!!

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