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A Need for Compassion

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“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.”
– Wess Stafford

Monday night, we received this heartbreaker from our youth group’s other sponsored child, Ruth. Excited to receive another letter from her, I ripped it open and began to read aloud:

Dear Mr and Mrs Charles,

We send many greetings to you. We thank you for your letter you sent to me. Always I pray for your good life. I send my greetings to all of you in your family and youth group.

I am fine but sometimes sad with my siblings because the death of our mother. She dies in last April in the hospital. She was so sick.

How are you and Selah and Adden?

I ask you to pray for my father Juan please. Also for my siblings and me. Our life is so hard without our mother. She was so kind. I know that the Lord is my strength. I love a lot Jesus as I loved my mother.

In my Student Center we the children play sports. My team was defeated but we hope to win next time.

With all my heart, I love you. Please write soon.

How are you all?

With Love,

We wish we could fly to Bolivia and cry with Ruth right now. And take her to the park and take her pain and make her smile. And love on her like we would our own kids.

But we can’t.

What we can do, is ask for compassion. Please pray for a broken heart to be healed. Pray for her requests earnestly.

Pray also that our youth group students can scrape up $300, the maximum gift we can give her family, in honor of her mom. Ruth’s child development center staff will buy items her family needs – new beds, livestock, food supplies, whatever.

That kinda gift would be way cool.

Thanks for holding out Ruth’s needs to Jesus.

Much Love,

One thought on “A Need for Compassion

  1. I’m praying too! What a heartbreaking letter. We had a Compassion child once whose mother died, and then she moved to another village where there wasn’t a Compassion center, so she couldn’t be ours any more. So sad. I need to write our current one a letter! I’m long overdue!

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