Chase Fireflies

Saran and Leaching


My organs are covered in Saran wrap, of sorts.

So says my surgeon. It helps prevent blood clots after major surgeries.

This new personal fact is rather amusing. And cool.

And disturbing.

I’ve been raging my own private war against plastics. (Avoid #3, #6, and #7)

I tossed away sippies, bottles, plates, and everything else that was “leaching” out BPA.

So they’re not in my cupboards, but they’re coating my organs.

Maybe the plastics have leached out at me?

2 thoughts on “Saran and Leaching

  1. i’ve totally been wondering about this but haven’t had the chance to look it up. thank you! are all the other numbers fine? you could just join the ranks of the no-microwave families with us !!!!

  2. yep! all the other ones are safe. are you a non-microwaver? we would actually have counter space if we didn’t have one. hmm…

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