Chase Fireflies

Pink Complex


Selah: Me want that thing on me. On me arm.
Mimi: The caterpillar? Really? It might feel strange and tickle you.

Mimi places the caterpillar on Selah’s arm.

Selah (in a frantic voice): Take it off Mimi! Me no like it anymore!
Mimi: Ok, you don’t like the way it feels on your arm?

Selah: No, me no like it cause it not pink. Caterpillar not pink, Mimi.

2 thoughts on “Pink Complex

  1. I find it HIGHLY amusing to hear Paul act like he doesn’t know where she gets those tendencies from!!!! I think Paul should have to spray paint catepillars pink!

  2. Oh…….goodness!!!! That’s hilarious! I love hearing about the things that Selah says-makes me miss her and you but it’s good. A pink catepillar! Only her.I’m praying for you! I have your picture of the kids and you and Paul at the Zoo on my desktop so I remember to pray for you.Love you!

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