Chase Fireflies

Training Update #2

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In terms of training, July was a dud. Here and there runs, negative motivation, dreadful heat, travelling, sick kids and sick me.

In terms of acquisitions, it was a gem. I sold The Beast (our Double Jeep Wagoneer) for only $5 less than the purchase price, a year later. Wow! With the cash, I bought a used double jogger that is actually intended for running. And I had money to spare.

With the extra money, a Bob’s Stores coupon, and a great sale, I purchased a new pair of sneakers. Ones that don’t strangle my feet, aren’t a few years old, and are self-propelled. I swear they run by themselves.

Motored by my sweet sneaks and double jogger, I am back on track and cramming in the runs. When I have to train with the kids, Selah encourages, “Go Mommy, Go!” Adden either douses himself with apple juice or snoozes. Without them, I’ve been hitting the treadmill and squeezing in evening runs, with Paul graciously watching the kiddos.

Sunday was the first day I ran the 3.1. It’s the first time I’ve run that much since college. My time was horrendous – 37.04 – but my goal is just not to stop. And I made it!

I am really psyched to do this thing with Angie and Ash. One month to go! Yeah!

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