Chase Fireflies

A Happy Day


Initial Wading

Three generations of Charles’ guys

Our Favorite Crew!

Selah’s Sheer Delight!

Hanging with Ganma

We spent yesterday at Idlewild Park with the Charles clan – Ganma and Ganpa, Aunt Ashee and Uncle Jon, and Kayden. It was a perfect 78 degree day, partly sunny, and gorgeous.

The kids adored Storybook Forest, where they got to meet the likes of Raggedy Ann, Red Riding Hood, the Lady who lived in the shoe, and Mother Goose. I personally loved seeing Selah’s reaction as these stories jumped off the printed page for her.
After devouring a fabulous picnic lunch, we headed off to the water park and doused ourselves in freezing water. Kayden’s smile lit up his face, Adden tried his hardest to drink gallons of water, and Selah daintily cooled off her fingers and toes. I bit the bullet and sprinted through a fountain of water with each of the kids. We were soaked and freezing, but it really was worth it.

Then onto the rides. Selah didn’t particularly enjoy Kayden’s antics in the ferris wheel, so she promptly put him in place with a wagging finger. But apart from that, they giggled on all of the other rides together. They played in a sea of balls, raced down slides in burlap bags, scaled up a net, hitched a ride in the Doodlebug, and rode the carousel (my kind of old school ride.)

Selah and Adden also took a jaunt in Mr. Roger’s Land of Make Believe. We got to whoop it up with King Friday and the crew at a Hug and Song party. “It’s such a good feeling, to know you’re alive, it’s such a happy feeling, you’re growing inside…” Hee, hee. We’re big Mr. Roger’s fans. Selah doesn’t give a moment’s attention to any other children’s programming, but she’ll sit for 12 minutes and watch Mr. Roger churn butter. Oh yeah, that’s my girl.
All in all, it was a fabulous day spent together as a family. It happened to be Ganpa’s Happy Day, but it was a pretty happy day for all of us.

2 thoughts on “A Happy Day

  1. I haven’t checked in a few days here…we are redoing our bathroom ick. But we are thinking of taking the kids to idlewild park and from your pics I’m ready to go. Your kids are just darling! Hailey is taking swim classes this week and last and wow I know what you mean about getting into the cold water:)

  2. you really should go – it is tons of fun. check their website though for deals. we went on a buy one ticket get one free day, which saved some money. you can also bring picnic lunches to cut costs the way, you’ll have to email me about your dad. i’ve been praying for him. i hope he’s well.

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