Chase Fireflies

My Only Hope

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He is still the Hope
of all the ends of the earth
and of the farthest seas.

He is

the hope of the nations
the hope for the homeless
the hope for our children
the hope of tomorrow

the hope for broken hearts
the hope for addicts
the hope for orphans
the hope for healing

the hope for the imprisoned
the hope of the church
the hope for those in bondage
the hope for the lost

the hope for the forgotten
the hope for the rich
the hope for the poor
the hope for the widow

the hope for racial reconciliation
the hope for injustice
the hope for our cities
the hope for our country

the hope when all has been lost
the hope when you can’t cry anymore
the hope when you’ve had enough
the hope when you want more out of this life

He was and is and will be
my only hope, this Jesus

The hope is in our hands
to hold and to give away

Surely this is our God,
we trusted in Him and
He saved us.

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