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Training Update #1


As I mentioned in a previous post, I have committed to running a 5K in August – Run to Break the Cycle. It’s really no big deal, but I am so not a runner. I stop whenever there’s a hint of fatigue, I am dreadfully slow (like some would argue if I’m running at all), and I lack a competitive drive. My goal is to finish the thing. And if I don’t throw up or pass out in front of mass quantities of people, then I will be well pleased.

To say that I’m training for this race would be an overstatement. I head out for a run if I can garner enough energy to get both of the kids out, in good moods, in good weather, in the Beast. Our double stroller is a sweet 2nd hand purchase, but it’s not intended for running in the least. I swear it’s like 50 lbs to push up a hill. Since we live in townhouse world, I can’t tell you how many times a random onlooker asks if I’m okay after I’ve huffed it up a hill. And they mean it. I look bad, real bad.

Ashley, my sweet sister in law, has high hopes for me. She’s like running woman – she’s been running since 7th grade, competitively from jr high through college. We ran together, with kids in tow, a few weeks back. She coached me the entire run – run on the balls of your feet, swing your arms, don’t clench your fists, watch your stride. I adored the coaching since it meant that I didn’t need to talk…. just breathe. She laid down the law with me, which included the words, “You just can’t stop.” Maybe it’s because I begged her at least 5 times in a 2 mile stretch to take a breather – which is, now that I think of it, probably why she hasn’t run with me since!

I need Ashley to tell me like it is, I suppose, even if I don’t want to hear it. I need someone to keep me accountable. On my own, I will so just give up and give in. I am too weak, too fickle, too easily swayed. I need someone to set goals for me and to help me reach them. My long term goal is to finish the race. But along the way, I need mile markers. I can’t just show up in August hoping to complete this thing. If I reach my goal, it’ll be because I’ve worked my tail off all along the way and because I’ve enlisted the support of others. I guess that’s why I’m even journalling my training here. Somehow, writing these words makes it more real – even if it’s just some little blog. I can’t back out now because Angie is joining me, Amy is encouraging me, and Ashley is coaching me.

So – all that to say – I ran today during Selah’s nap time. Paul stayed home with her and I took Adden in a single jogger and…. busted a move! Okay, well not so much. But I ran farther than I ever have (post children!) and it totalled 2 miles without stopping. Whoohoooo! Keep in mind, it took me a hefty 25 minutes, but I did it. And I was deliriously happy and hyper when done – completely bouncing off the walls. You would’ve thought that I had run a marathon in good time. Too bad it was just a measly two miles. But for this non-runner it was the first time that I realized that maybe, just maybe, I could do this thing.

6 thoughts on “Training Update #1

  1. yeah yeah kristin!! you can do it! :)~amy~

  2. lil steps at time makes the final goal easier… pre didnt get up one day and run a mile in 4 or however fast he ran it for the first time…. :)~me again~

  3. Measly 2 miles indeed! You’re well on your way to being able to make it through the entire 3.1 miles that is the 5K. 🙂 You can do this, Kristin.

  4. Great work, Kristin!!

  5. awww…thanks guys:) you make me smile!

  6. good job, keep running!

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