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The Beginning of Beautiful

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Yesterday was disastrous with the kids. By 8:50 am I had heard enough crying for the entire day. Adden wasn’t feeling well and Selah was just off, for whatever reason. I was on the verge of tears myself. The kids were busily eating their oatmeal and I was fixing a cup of much needed coffee in the kitchen. And then compassion showed up in a little girl’s prayer, reminding me that all was not for naught. It went something like this:

“Mommy, we need to pray.”
“You’re right, Selah, we didn’t pray yet. Let’s thank God for our food.”
“No, Mommy. Thank God me have clothes. Callie no have many clothes. Pray for Callie to have clothes.”
“Wow, Selah. What a great thing to pray for. You’re going to make Mommy cry. I’ll pray for Callie to have clothes like you do.”
“No, Mommy. Me pray for Callie to have clothes.”

“God, me have lots clothes. Pray Callie have lots clothes too.”

You see – lately, Selah has been very adamant about wearing particular shirts, pants, dresses, barrettes, and shoes – which is all fine and good. I love giving her 2-3 choices, so that she can demonstrate independence, but certainly not to the point of screaming and crying when she doesn’t get her way.

We’ve been talking over and over and over again about how some children don’t have clothes to choose from – they just have one outfit and maybe no shoes or socks or pretty pink barrettes. So we need to thank God for what He has given us. And we need to pray for other children. And share.

Usually, my little speech is met with an angry stare. But it usually works to get the clothes on, at least, even if begrudgingly. And we carry on with our day.

I’m still not sure what prompted her compassion yesterday, but somehow an other’s needs got absorbed and love in action popped out over oatmeal with raisins. Funny thing is, she prayed the same thing for dinner in front of Daddy. So even though we’ve cut way back on spending, Paul told me to run out today and buy something pretty for Callie. I am so thankful that he decided to further the lesson by giving in this regard. Selah picked out a pretty pink polka dotted sundress, jean shorts, and a pink shirt with flowers. And all the way to the register, she told everyone in the store, “Pretty clothes for Callie, not me’s.”

It was, for us, the beginning of beautiful.

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