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Run To Break The Cycle


So I’ve got my eye on this 5K on August 30th. It supports the Women’s Center of Beaver County, which is committed to promoting safety and independence with the goal of reducing and eliminating the causes and effects of abuse on women and children. They strive to educate the public to provide shelter, counseling, support, advocacy, and education to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

If anything is going to get me running, this may just be it. I love the cause and I need motivating. The problem is, I’ve got a long way to go. I ran the kids (in their beast of a stroller) to the park today to meet Paul for a picnic and I just about died. Yeah, I was huffing, but mostly I just felt absolutely horrible and like I was going to be sick. By the way, the park is just down the street. It was an embarrassment.

So, do any of you runners have any suggestions? Any schedule that I can try to follow? And would any of you in the area want to join me on this one? I think it would be a ton of fun, runners and non-runners like me alike.

4 thoughts on “Run To Break The Cycle

  1. kristin thats awesome! dont get diccouraged….even w/out a stroller most ppl can’t even run a whole mile when they start running. (i promise even those cross country have to start somewhere 🙂 lol) start short distances and work your way up. you can do it!!~amy~p.s. ill run w/ u once school’s done. : ) (i havent run since oct. so im not in shape at all, dont worry)

  2. awesome cause. I suggest you ditch the stroller. it’ll make a HUGE difference. Especially if you’re not using a jogging stroller. So yeah it makes finding time to run harder if you’re not going to have the kids with you. Maybe during naps? My friend gives the monitor to her neighbor and runs with her cell phone (MUCH lighter than running with a stroller)

  3. all i have to say is this: when i was in the ice cream race last summer, it would probably take both hands to count how many people passed me with strollers with one or two kids in them. its embarrassing to be the person who gets passed by this grandfather and his grandson….(and yes it did happen to me 🙂 lol)go for it

  4. Thanks for the advice guys. Amy, did you hear Angie is running with me? Whoohoo! I am so excited! So now you’re officially our trainer. Have fun with that….:)

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