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So I’m almost a qualified Gymboree instructor, one who can call Gymbo out with gusto and coordinate some sweet parachute moves. It’s a toss up as to which is my favorite song – the frenzied, We want, we want Gymbo (Gymbo is a red clown, green clown, yellow clown… to the Queen tune) or See Saw Margery Daw (Gymbo shall have a new master. He’ll pop only a bubble a day cause he can’t pop any faster) Oh, then there’s one about sliding down my rainbow barrel into my cellar door and of course – when you fall into my cellar? – we’ll be good friends forevermore. It’s a bizarre little world in that place, but now that I’ve got the scripts down, it’s manageable. And besides that, the kids are each so precious and their parents have really been very gracious and friendly. I start my own classes in April and I’m itching to get Selah and Adden in there. They are going to love it, love it, love it.

I gave my testimony this morning at a moms’ group that I go to. I woke up this morning, feeling like I had run into a wall, and just never woke up. I felt bad because I wasn’t prepared enough to share (I have been so disorganized of late that I thought this particular meeting was in May.) In a way, I felt like I had disgraced God and discredited him with my rambles. I just pray that the women there were able to look past me and see Jesus somewhere in the mess of me.

The other women that shared were outstanding. I learned so much just by listening to their stories. They were authentic and real and heartwrenching. It reminded me of how important it is to be intentional about getting together with people, asking questions, and hearing what their hearts are saying. The effort needs to be made and I am so sorry for failing in this regard.

Tonight I was able to attend youth group for the first time in a while. It was a blast hanging out with the girls, giggling, and listening to their stories. They are so much fun. I just about melted when Lillian told me she has missed me, Christin drew me pictures, and Pam didn’t leave without her hug. I love them all more than I could describe.

So, March Madness is almost here. Whohooo! I just filled my brackets out and I’m ready for go time. Every year I think I’m going to win it all. For real. And I get really upset when I don’t. Paul thinks I’m ridiculous because noone has ever had a perfect bracket. But I will be the first, I tell you! And when I am, I’ll go on the Today show saying that it was just a fluke and meet Ann Curry (but Matt Lauer will probably end up doing that segment.) Truth be told, I will bomb out just like every year and then be a very disgruntled woman. But, there’s always a chance…

Well, I better get to bed here. I have about three million and two things to accomplish tomorrow. We leave for RI Friday so there’s packing to do, Gymboree homework, housework, and a consignment sale to prepare for. Oh, and eggs to dye with Selah’s “people” on them. The people refer to Cinderella, Sleeping Booty, and Belle. She sure does love her princesses.

4 thoughts on “This and That

  1. 🙂 I can just hear you singing that Queen song actually! I can relate a bit…Adelle has a Diego Live CD that we have to listen to all the time, and some of the songs have goofy lyrics…and those are always the ones that get stuck in your head! (The one that I’m referring to at the moment is: “We’re just happy kooky coconut trees! We’re the Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha coconut trees…”)I liked the Sleeping “Booty” mention…Adelle’s favorite princess is Ariel at the moment :)Have a wonderful time in RhodeIsland (anytime I’ve heard a native say it, it’s all one word haha)!

  2. That’s so exciting about your gymboree classes. I would love for the kids to take that classes and even to work there…how cool! As for the eggs we’ll be doing that soon as well and Hailey loves her princesses too. We just did a Cinderella party for her birthday a few weeks ago. I hope you have a safe trip to RI!

  3. Thanks girls! Ashley, you are too funny. Julie, did you see that Duke game? Yipes. I thought they were done!

  4. I didn’t get to see the Duke game but how I wished they had lost!!! GO TARHEELS!:)

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