Chase Fireflies

Like a Child

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Selah laughed in hysterics because snow was sneaking up her back while making snow angels.

Adden squeeled with delight as snowflakes fell on his face and tongue.

Selah picked up the snow with big armfuls and threw it everywhere, jumping all the while.

Adden’s chubby little cheeks were the rosiest I’ve ever seen. His smile lit up his face.


Our kids were alive in the moment. And they taught me to be too. I have so much to learn from them. The other day I fell upon this quote from Steinbeck’s The Winter of Discontent. I saw its application in this regard.

“I guess we’re all, or most of us, the wards of that nine-teenth-century science which denied existence to anything it could not measure or explain. The things we couldn’t explain went right on but surely not with our blessing. We did not see what we couldn’t explain, and meanwhile a great part of the world was abandoned to children, insane people, fools, and mystics, who were more interested in what is than why it is.”

One thought on “Like a Child

  1. aren’t they amazing? :)and i seriously love steinbeck. he’s long-winded but it all ends up sounding so clear in the end.

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