Chase Fireflies

“A Church Wrecked For the Community Around Them..”.

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Here’s an excerpt from an interview with a guy who has chosen to be homeless so that he can love the people around him to Jesus. I’m not advocating that we all go sell everything we have to live on the streets, but the article has some great things to say that hit home hard with me.

If there were one thing you could say to the world, what would it be?

Lets live like Jesus. Just live like Jesus. Jesus showed His love for us by giving up His life for us, hoping for the same from us. Our lives are consumed with time wasted, money blown, relationships ruined, all for the sake of the American Dream. The Church even seems to strive for this so-called Dream. Jesus reminded us not to store up treasures on earth. He believed in simplicity. He urged His disciples to give up everything for the sake of the gospel. He didn’t believe that the Church was a physical building, but that we are the Church. Wherever we are, God is. Jesus taught us that we are blessed from God to be a blessing. If we have “stuff,” it is to give it away. Jesus taught that there is so much more to life than food and clothing and shelter. And He said that when we decrease and downsize our lives, we are more able to bless others. He taught us to love; yet we so easily forget. I want to learn the way Jesus loved. Love is my mission statement.

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