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My Brother


I’m not really sure what makes this cat tick. He is so unlike me that he’s – at times – a shock to my system. He’s fun, daring, adventurous, and carefree. He somehow lucked out and got all of the tech-y smarts, the “I can fix anything and everything” gene. He could fix your car, your dishwasher, and your ingrown toenail. He could masquerade as Emeril in your kitchen, your favorite Calculus professor, or your best friend that just makes you laugh so hard that you cry.

Sometimes my brother sends me over the edge. When he visits, he leaves a trail of stuff in his quake – dirty socks, a chess set, a painting, his army fatigues, remnants of all you can drink smoothies, a comforter set, oh yeah – anything. He stays up all hours of the night and snoozes till about 1 pm – just in time for the kids’ naps. (Maybe that’s intentional?) He leaves our bathroom sopping wet after every bathing use. I’m still not exactly sure what he does in there – it’s quite befuddling cause the shower never runs and he only ever wants a facecloth?????? I’m thinking that it has something to do with conserving water. Well, whatever he does apparently works – he doesn’t reek, so more power to him.

So why do I love him? I love him because he makes me go outside to the park, just to fly a kite for hours. I would never do that of my own accord. I would, instead, choose to do something completely boring and necessary like stain sticking the kids’ clothes.

I love that he and my grandfather (affectionately known as Boppie) are the best of buddies. My brother will trek in the door at 3am cause he and Bop will have been up under the guise of a Stooge marathon – when, in reality, my brother has been completing odd jobs around his home and listening to him relive the same old stories, with his characteristic uncanny attention to details.

I love him because he pushes me out of my comfort zone. Like the time we went climbing on one of those indoor walls. Instead of letting me down when I didn’t think I could make it up any further – that little twerp refused. And because his will is even stronger than mine (it’s tried and true, sound Ellsworth material) I climbed to the ceiling and discovered that I had the strength within myself after all.

So did I mention that I miss him? Dan has been studying in France for the last 7 months or so. And things just aren’t the same without him. We think about him constantly and wonder how he’s doing. We wish we were a little bit wealthier to journey out there and a little bit less encumbered with two little kids under the age of 2 ½. We hope he knows how much he is loved, whether he is experiencing a letter drought from us or not. And I guess that most of all, I pray that Selah and Adden will enjoy a brother/sister bond this good – no matter how much their personalities may differ or clash.

Dan – we think the world of you and we love you tons.


4 thoughts on “My Brother

  1. i remember canoeing on lake swanzey with dan…. can’t even imagine him this big!

  2. sounds like one cool cat 🙂

  3. ha ha, you are too funny ashley! maybe if he ever comes back from france, i will play matchmaker with you two! (with your permission of course – if you can stand those quirks of his!)

  4. LOL I don’t know…he’d probably never come back from France if he knew you were trying to do that. LOL.

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