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Pray for the Castle


We’ve got our annual winter youth group retreat this weekend. So far the numbers are in the high 80’s and counting, even at 10:00, the evening before:) Gotta love teenagers. Anyway, for all of you praying people, please pray that lives are changed during our weekend. Pray that kids are introduced to Christ, that they fall in love with His story of redemption, and that their stories are changed as a result. Please pray for Paul as he orchestrates the whole shabang, the speaker Travis Watson (one of Paul’s college friends), all of the counselors and workers (lots of college students helping as always:), me as I’m dialoguing with the girls about chastity (Lauren Winner’s book entitled Sex Talk is phenomenal – probably the best I’ve ever read on the subject,) and just for all of the other details to fall into place. Oh, and pray that the kids have a blast- tons of fun, laughing, crying, staying up all night, making fools of themselves, talking, learning, being ridiculous. Thanks so much:)

2 thoughts on “Pray for the Castle

  1. Anyone who has any doubt about the power of prayer need only to take the time to sit down with the Candy Man and ask him about some of the miracles he has seen take place in the lives of those for whom he has interceded. I know first-hand, because Bud is my Dad, and I’ve again and again experienced powerful answers to his prayers for my family and me. I am praying for you, Paul and Kristin as you connect with youth this weekend that God would use you to open the hearts of His children for His plans for them. Our God is an awesome God!

  2. Wow. Thanks so much for your encouragement and prayer. Paul and I saw your comment right before we went to bed the night before the Castle. It reminded us that we aren’t alone in this endeavor. Thanks for sharing about your dad too. What a gift you’ve been given in him!

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