Chase Fireflies

beautiful child


right from the moment you were born
you overtook my heart my world
my beautiful child

tender and sweet, both in your crying and your sleep
you radiate a sense of hope
you’re beautiful

and I have seen the most amazing sights
in my travels on the earth
misty seas and amber harbor lights
and other things of matchless worth

but next to you all of the beauty seems so plain
you would think I’ve never seen a beautiful thing

-sara groves

this is the song you hear all day long
you’re beautiful
love, Mommy

2 thoughts on “beautiful child

  1. What a blessing our children are! I’m glad that I get to understand that with my heart now watching Adelle grow. It’s amazing to see how beautiful our girls are right from the start :)And thank you again for getting me this cd a couple of years ago. You’ve been such a blessing and good friend to me even though we rarely see each other.

  2. this is the first really clear picture I’ve seen of Selah… she is just so very cute!!!!! i can’t wait to meet her in person someday.

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