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Silly Things I Don’t Want to Forget

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How Selah insists that we put deodorant on her elbows

That look that Selah and Adden give each other that suggests they already communicate in a language that I don’t understand

Adden’s enormously chubby smile and subsequent giggle

Hearing Selah mimic me by saying, “It’s messy.” And with a sigh, “Oh well…”

Our conversation that happens at least 10 times (if not more) a day:
Me: Selah, we are going to go to __________ today.
Selah: Me, cry?
Me: No, Selah, you don’t have to cry.
Selah: ADDEN CRY!!!!!!!!! ADDEN FUSSY?????
Me: Well, yes. Adden will probably cry and he may be fussy, but that’s okay.
Selah: Yep.

Adden snuggling up against me and smiling in his sleep

How Selah runs to the door when Paul comes home and then proceeds to go ballistic around the house and insist that Paul “fly.”

Selah’s love for Jesus. (We read the Christmas story a million times yesterday and she still wasn’t satisfied.)

The sound of their laughter – one of my favorite things ever.

One thought on “Silly Things I Don’t Want to Forget

  1. so sweet! and the picture is adorable!!!! I keep a blank journal in the kitchen, one for each kiddo and I try to write all their sweet, cute, funny things in it. REally helps. Brent has even been known to write in there! may wonders never cease šŸ™‚

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