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The Votes are In

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Our thankful pail will continue receiving thanks till the end of the month. But alas, since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we’ll reveal the goods.

Adden thanks God for milk, warmth, rice cereal, his family, his activity center, pacifiers, sleep, and Orajel (though we’re not sure who is more thankful for that – Paul and I or him- it really works wonders on his teething issues.)

Selah thanks God for Mimi, Papa, Boppie, and juice every day- yep, every day. If we want to get any other responses out of her, they have to be coaxed out. Maybe next year, Mommy and Daddy will make her top five! At least if we can be on par with juice, we’ll have it made. On a side note, she sure has loved scribbling out her thanks and throwing it in the pail.

Paul and I are thankful for each other (aww…), our amazing kiddos, our families, clean water, his job, good health, our ministries, our home, church, freedom, the Bible, coffee, the success of New England sports teams (whoohoo!), simplicity, friends, missions, anyone who may be reading these ramblings, Craig’s list, people who challenge the way we look at things, the beauty of creation, those who fight for social justice, and above all else – we thank God for the story of redemption that Jesus has written on our hearts.

If you’ve got the time, we would love to hear what you guys are thankful for as well. Thanks so much!

One thought on “The Votes are In

  1. we did a thankful tree with the kids for november…but this bucket is beautiful! seems you’re still really creative 🙂

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