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Of Junk and Treasures

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So I guess I’ve been walking around with some heavy bags of late. You know… envy, pride, selfishness, apathy, excuses and the like. Never really even realized that junk was there, (sorry to all of you who did!) but thank God it’s getting tossed as this weekend has progressed. I’m sure I’ve got a ways to go, but at least it’s a start.

While I’ve been at this conference, I’ve attended most of the main speakers – Andy Stanley, Louie Giglio, and Doug Fields. I missed the lady because I slept in and splurged on Dunkin D’s. Also missed Shane Claiborne due to my son going ballistic. (But that’s okay, little buddy. I would too if I was being starved.) I was disappointed initially because my husband adored the message (that’s just one reason why I love him), but I am relishing spending time alone with God and Matthew 5-7 later.

I have gone to a few seminars- Lauren Winner on Talking Chastity in a Sex- Crazed World. (Youth group girls reading this, can you tell what’s coming? Lots of awkward stuff, but hopefully we can dialogue about it so that it’s not too excruciating.) I loved her take on everything – very up front, refreshing, brutally honest, and totally different than anything else I’ve ever heard on the subject. She had this dry, sarcastic, intelligent wit that was strangely engaging. I would highly recommend her book on the subject, based on the insights shared at the seminar.

Also went to Engaging Youth Culture by Walt Mueller. Though I wasn’t dragged there by my husband, I didn’t really see the point. Thank God thank God thank God I went. So informative! Not sure who I thought I was thinking that I understood what kids are going through these days. 18 years younger? I have been grossly ignorant and for that I ask their apologies. I will attempt to be a better listener. I will also make every effort to see this world from your eyes. Call my bluff if I fail, guys, because I know I will.

Mueller shared this jammin’ quote by John Stott. “We stand between the Word and the world with consequent obligation to listen to both. We listen to the Word in order to discover even more of the riches of Christ. We listen to the world in order to discern which of Christ’s riches are needed most and how to present them in their best light.” There isn’t anything else more that needs to be said on the subject.

Today I forced myself not to attend Lori Solierno’s seminar on prayer, because I’ve been to the thing twice and have listened to the cd probably 5 times. (I easily get addicted to stuff, I am a slow learner, and I forget everything.) Instead Paul and I started accumulating wisdom from Doug and Cathy Fields about marriage, ministry, and family. Truthfully, I am clueless about how to raise my children to love Christ and His church. And if the world gets the best of me and they don’t, then everything will be for naught. Paul and I are hoping to continue to pursue wisdom from those that we look up to for counsel in this area. I’m sure it will be a journey filled with millions of mistakes – but Selah and Adden – even though almost all you can comprehend is the word “yummy” right now – know that we’re going to give this effort all that we’ve got. We love you two little rascals.

Besides all of these gems being excavated, we have enjoyed the warm Atlanta weather (it’s snowing in Pittsburgh), Paul’s parents who have loved on our kids and freed us up to learn, Starbucks brews, debriefing at night, little mints by the bed, Olympic Park, conversations with our maid, David Crowder and Tomlin, David Crowder and Tomlin, and David Crowder and Tomlin. (Though I can’t worship with Crowder without thinking about squirrels on a rampage.) Anyway, it’s been a great weekend and I am exhausted, but renewed.

One thought on “Of Junk and Treasures

  1. Hey Kristen – got pointed to your blog. Thanks for getting it. It’s an encouragement to us at CPYU.Blessings – Walt Mueller

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