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Cancer Free and Weird Timing


You know you want to read this, don’t you? 

 Anyway, five excisions and a couple thousand dollars later (thank God we have good insurance now), I have been declared cancer free! Whoohoo! Whoohoo!

My last stitches were removed today. Oh how I wanted to skip and twirl right out of my dermatologist’s office like Selah would have! Thank you, Jesus, for your immeasurable, undeserved goodness.

At the same time that I heard my good news, I couldn’t help but think of the woman who is hearing “malignant” today. I had five of the most pleasant surgeries ever, but she may be facing the fight of her life – complete with ensuing surgeries and/or chemo.

In July, I donated my hair to Pantene’s Great Lengths, an organization that provides free hair wigs to women with cancer. I thought it was a great way to capitalize on my crazy pregnancy hormones – and – in a very small way, help out in another woman’s fight. The ironic twist is that my cancer was diagnosed one month later in the second stage. When my hair was chopped, I was unknowingly living with melanoma. The timing of it all was not coincidental. I can’t get this unnamed woman out of my mind.

And so, I ask you to please pray for the woman that will receive my hair. Pray for her strength, determination to fight, and her cure. Pray that she will find Jesus to be her source of life and peace. Pray for her family also.

And if you’ve got the gift of hair, grow it out, and give it away. Please see for more information or (an organization that provides wigs for children.) Thank you all so much!

3 thoughts on “Cancer Free and Weird Timing

  1. congrats!!!!!!!whoohooo! i’m so very excited! 5 surgeries….uggg, i can’t imagine. I am so happy for your good news…go twirl, it’s a good reason for twirling!

  2. So glad to hear you are now cancer free! Yeah!

  3. Praise the Lord on being cancer free! I think he allowed you to have your hair cut and cancer at the same time, to help all of us pray more for these lovely people and their souls. Thank you for sharing! It keeps me from focusing on myself so much, and on what God is doing so much more.~ Amy Y.

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